Plus Size Style In The Winter

To stay warm even when the weather is cold, dress in layers. Thin, supple layers are more effective than thicker layers because they fit closer to the skin and hold in body heat. Choose long-sleeved inner shirts and top them with a sweater or sweatshirt that you can remove when indoors. This formula allows you to look stylish indoors, while keeping you warm as you run errands that keep you racing around town.

If you’re looking to spice up your style, try adding a pair of dark, opaque tights to your skirts. If the weather allows, consider a short skirt with the thick tights. Black tights showcase your legs and emphasize your curves. Add waterproof, heavy boots (preferably leather) and you are prepared for any weather””even winter snowstorms. Thick tights can also be worn with dress pants or blue jeans to add warmth. If you have thin trousers that you really like, you do not have to pack them away for the winter. Instead add a pair of thick tights underneath, and you have made your summer clothes ready for winter.

If you are a plus-size woman, don’t wear coats that only come down to your waist. Instead, a thigh-length peacoat is a more sophisticated fashion statement for your body type. Also, an extravagant or even just basic, black wool style is nice as long as it is warm. If you feel good in it, you will most likely look good in your coat, as well. A long, ankle-sweeping wool coat is stylish. Remember, the cut of the coat is still important. Check for a bit of flare at the coat’s bottom. Is the fit of the coat good and does the fabric tend to wrinkle? A boxy look can easily occur, so definitely find a coat that drapes well on you to keep you from looking like a tube in your new coat!