How Many Bottles Should Fit In Your Wine Cooler

Wine coolers come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small wine cooler refrigerators that can accommodate 6-20 bottles of wine to huge versions that can carry 100-200 or more bottles. Collectors who possess or want to own a few hundred bottles of wine or more may want to consider purchasing a large wine cabinet or wine coolers dual zone.

A general rule of thumb is to get a wine cooler that can accommodate at least double the number of bottles you already have. You’ll rapidly fill up the storage space, especially if you’re constantly on the lookout for good wines.

It pays to obtain a large enough wine storage cabinet so that you don’t wind up buying three smaller wine storage units on, which would cost more than one large wine storage cabinet.

Although the shipping cost of a large wine cabinet is somewhat more, when the total cost of two smaller wine fridges is compared, the larger unit is the superior investment.

Below are the numbers of bottles a wine cooler or cabinet can carry:

  • A single bottle wine chiller or a double-bottle wine cooler will suffice for folks who only drink wine on occasion. Of course, if you don’t have a lot of room in your house, a 6- or 12-bottle wine cooler will be a good alternative for keeping wines.
  • There are portable countertop wine coolers, undercounter devices that may be built into existing kitchen cabinets, and freestanding wine cooler models available. Freestanding units come in a wide range of sizes, with smaller countertop devices holding up to 16 bottles and bigger ones holding up to 100 bottles.

Built-In And Freestanding Cooler Function

It is important to note that for the built-in function, you must seek a zero-clearance device that is specifically developed for built-in applications. These wine coolers include front venting, which means that hot air is vented out the front of the appliance rather than the rear, allowing you to position the fridge flush against the wall.

Some wine fridge types are solely intended for standalone usage, but others are available in both built-in and freestanding configurations. The U-line Echelon Series wine refrigerators, for example, are zero-clearance units ideal for under-counter installation. Other undercounter home wine coolers can be found in online wine shops. There are some excellent slim wine cooler refrigerators available for individuals with limited room.

However, it is preferable to keep your wines in a wine cooler at a temperature suitable for short-term storage rather than leaving them on a wine rack in a hot, sunny kitchen. It would be a pity and a waste of money if your cherished wines died at temperatures ranging from 25°C to 30°C.